Weekend Gourmet Breakfast

Fredericksburg Peach & Pecan Belgian Waffles
Homemade pecan belgian waffles topped with our cinnamon & honey glazed peaches, fresh whipping cream & powdered sugar. Served with a broiled honey grapefruit and hickory-smoked bacon.
Berry French Toast
English toasting bread stuffed with a sweet dark cherry and cream cheese filling, dipped in an egg custard and grilled. Topped with my special wild berry sauce. Served with roasted herb potatoes, breakfast sausages and a strawberry-banana parfait with brandy cream.
Plantation Shortbread
Fresh baked honey cornbread with a center layer of 3 cheeses, mushrooms and artichokes. Topped with a diced ham and bechemel sauce. Served with herb potatoes and fresh fruit salad.